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Solus S.A., the Sister company of Sparx Systems, in addition to producing the Spanish Edition of Enterprise Architect, is one of the most qualified companies in South America in the key areas of software engineering and consultation via its coaching and mentoring programs

Many companies across South America have improved the quality of their processes thanks to the techniques and tools provided by Solus. Its knowledge on research activities emerges from its integration with leading universities and uses the real experiences obtained from daily company challenges in complex scenarios. This produces a vital body of knowledge, present throughout its coaching, mentoring and training services.

The courses cover the entire software engineering discipline:

  • Using EA: introduction, advanced and supporting the process of Software Development
  • UML: introduction and advanced
  • Systems analysis and design with UML
  • Software development processes
  • Quality Standard supported in EA
  • Software development project management
  • Frameworks for software development on Java and .Net technologies