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Enterprise Architect Training with Craftware
Our "Craftware Training Programme" is designed to enhance our clients' skills in software development, based on object-oriented methodologies. Combining the theoretical base (OOA&D, Design Patterns, OO Principles, UML, Software Development Process courses) with some practical issues (developing Windows DNA/.NET/J2EE software systems) we believe we can effectively strive towards our goal. Because of its completeness and low price we have chosen EA as our main teaching tool.

Our "Using Enterprise Architect" course includes 5 sessions with a total duration of 10 hours. Four hours are for EA demonstration, with the remaining six hours for hands-on learning of EA. Craftware teaching methods include interactive games, homework with instructor's feedback and real-world project simulations. Our courseware includes a printed "EA User Manual" (in Spanish), session summaries and a CD with trial or registered version of EA. The course is currently conducted in Spanish.

About Craftware 
Craftware Consultores Ltda. is a small software firm founded in 2002 in Santiago, Chile. We specialize in consulting, training and mentoring services as well as software systems development.

We believe that our maturity in object-oriented methodologies and our experience in applying it in all areas of software development craft makes us different.

To learn more about our vision, philosophy and strategy, please visit our web site at