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Sparx Systems - Central Europe

Sparx Systems Software GmbH are offering public training courses for Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect in European cities or on customer sites. The minimum bundle consists of a two-day training course (16 hours) called “UML 2.1 with Enterprise Architect” for 6 to 10 trainees. The focus of the content can be optimized for project managers, analysts or developers, depending on your needs. A German training book is available, providing an introduction to UML 2.1 as well as a guideline “How to use Enterprise Architect”. These courses can be held in German or English at the customer’s discretion.

We also offer enhanced training courses that run up to five-days, supported by different trainers experienced in topics such as process optimization, code roundtrip engineering, and reporting template development. These courses include workshop sessions, where production examples provided by the customer are reviewed and optimized.

For further details, contact and schedules please visit: (German description) (English description)