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Profesia offers Business Process Automation solutions, Software Engineering practices and IT Management consulting services. With over 12 years expertise in modeling techniques and software integration practices, Profesia can support large organizations in defining a BPM solution that enables the execution of Business Processes that are integrated with their back-end system.

Training Services/Courses

  • BPMN2
  • Enterprise Architect Courses
    • Foundation: final goal is to progressively build a project using the base features of EA.
    • Advanced: adds methodological and technical concepts to the Foundation Course, such as MDA, advanced code engineering, administration functions, EA automation interface and UML profile creation
  • UML and MDA in practice
  • Requirement analysis, Design Methodologies, Life-Cycle Management
  • Software Testing
  • Governing the project outsourcing
  • System engineering modeling with SysML
  • SQL and ERD modelling
  • HL7 Foundation
  • Component Based Development (CBD)
  • Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
Additional Services

Profesia offers personalized, technology-specific consulting services with Enterprise Architect such as Web Services development, MDA and model-to-model transformations. It also offers special tailored courses concerning Requirements Management, document generation customization, advanced usage of EA automation interface and UML profile creation.


Contact Details

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Phone : +39 011 19879273
Address : corso Orbassano, 336 - 10137 Torino (TO)
Country of operation: Italy