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Infovide Matrix

Infovide-Matrix, located in Poland, provides a range of UML training courses. At present they provide two courses focused specifically on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and UML.

The courses are:

Modeling with UML
This particular course is designed for all professionals who are unfamiliar with modeling techniques and need an introduction to UML. During the three-day course all participants are introduced to modeling by working with real world examples. 
“Modeling with UML” focuses on the following areas: how to model, what to model, and when to stop modeling. After training is completed, every participant will know how to model using UML, and how to avoid many of the common mistakes.

Enterprise Architect and UML
This course is suited to professionals who are new to Enterprise Architect. “Enterprise Architect and UML” includes many practical exercises which are specifically designed to cover the introductory facets of modeling IT systems. 
During lectures and practical work, participants will learn many of Enterprise Architect’s features and how to apply the tool in their workplace. By using a sample project, the trainees are taught how to use the tool in every major phase of a software development lifecycle, from analysis to coding and testing. Upon completion every participant will be able to effectively use Enterprise Architect in their every-day work, regardless of their position as analysts, architects or developers.