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Requirements Engineering with Enterprise Architect

We provide public seminars as well as on-site training and consulting for Requirements Engineering with Enterprise Architect

We focus on business process modeling, requirement specification and analysis using Enterprise Architect. During a two and a half day seminar, you will get an overview over the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and learn how to:

  • create projects in Enterprise Architect
  • establish a useful project structure
  • define business and project objectives
  • define business process models using activity diagrams
  • specify structured requirements
  • model requirements using use cases, domain models and UI prototypes
  • analyze requirements by means of class diagrams, state machines and interaction diagrams
  • use matrices to create traceability between different results
  • derive test cases from use cases
  • work with change requests
  • produce HTML and RTF-reports
  • exchange model information via XMI or CVS

The seminars will take place in the German part of Switzerland. The training will be conducted in German.

Provider and Registration:

Rankweg 10
CH 4410 Liestal
Telephone 0041 61 926 90 15
Fax 0041 61 926 90 19