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Erudis Process Management is a Warsaw based consulting company, which is providing versatile services connected with IT project management. We specialize in analysis and improvement of business process associated with IT projects in client's company. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants we are able to help our customers to achieve success by improving activities in company's development process, and making IT projects more manageable.

We are always working closely with our customers. In our opinion only true partnership guarantees success.

We offer professional courses traversing various domains of knowledge. They approach problems from several perspectives which proves to be very useful for organization and individuals participating in project. This multidirectional approach can be more compatible with customers needs and demands.

Our mission

Improve internal communication and processes within customer's organization, leading to its most successful performance on the market.

As a part of our integrated offer we propose various courses, covering following main topic:

  1. Modeling IT systems with UML
  2. Enterprise Architect – UML Modeling Tool
  3. Modeling Information Systems with Enterprise Architect

All courses are delivered by experienced and professional consultants and co-working with us experts. The key element of our training is the individual contact with consultants and collective analysis of problems encountered by trainees, as well as prepared case studies. We would like to emphasize particular value of dedicated training that make all team members communicate with similar proficiency. Schedule and range can be carefully tailored to the customer’s needs.