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DEISER is a specialist in Enterprise Architect since the early years of Sparx Systems.
DEISER has provided training in Enterprise Architect and Software Engineering to more than 3,000 students of large companies and public administration of Spain.

DEISER has a certification program with different tracks of courses. Each course is 8 hours long and is focused in very specific knowledge. The student can either attend courses separately, or follow a track to acquire a broader set of skills. These are the tracks available:

  • Enterprise Architect Project Manager
  • Enterprise Architect Software Analyst
  • Enterprise Architect Software Developer
  • Enterprise Architect Administrator

DEISER also provides standard 1 week courses to cover all the features of Enterprise Architect, and custom courses to fit the specific needs of each client.

Daniel Luengo ( 
DEISER Desarrollo y Servicios
C/ Valentín Beato, 22 – Planta baja, derecha
28037 Madrid (Spain)
Tel (local): 902 190 480
Tel (intl.): +34 912 824 700
Fax: +34 911 531 576