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MANEA is a plug-in to MANTIS BUG Tracker, which allows for two-way synchronization of selected entries from the MANTIS BT system according to the repository requirements contained in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

MANEA synchronizes only those entries that are appropriately marked.

Characteristics of MANEA:

  • Mapping entries and applications in Enterprise Architect to specific application model artifacts
  • Discussing the requirements set by Enterprise Architect in the MANTIS system
  • Enabling a wide range of people to report requirements proposals and allowing administrators to indicate which entries are integrated into Enterprise Architect
  • The possibility to manage notifications about errors on the basis of the model made in UML
  • Ease of installation in the MANTIS system because MANEA is a standard plugin
  • Support for repositories of errors and models gathered by MySQL database

For further information, please visit the MANEA web page.