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Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester is a fully integrated, web-based test management solution, which provides a world-first integration with Enterprise Architect and JIRA. Utilizing a unique transformation framework which facilitates traceability from UML requirements to test cases and defects, Enterprise Tester enables your organization to improve test scripting and management process whilst reducing software defects, project costs and timeframes.

Key Enterprise Tester features include:

  • Integration with Enterprise Architect and JIRA;
  • Real-time retrieval of test cases, scenarios and script headers from UML models;
  • Management and organization of test cycles and execution sets;
  • Cycle based testing and recording of results;
  • Step-by-step script instruction and recording of associated results;
  • Storage, management and reusability of scripts; and
  • Full end-to-end visibility of defects and associated requirements.

Enterprise Tester is also a component part of Catch Limited’s integrated toolset, which includes award winning tools Screen Architect, Enterprise Architect and JIRA, and provides users with a full end-to-end solution in lifecycle management.

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