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Add-In to work with Scrum, Kanban and other Agile concepts within Enterprise Architect: user stories, epics, burndown, etc…

With EA Extension for Scrum you can perform:

  • Agile Requirements Management: Using Scrum Technology including a set of ‘Agile’ elements: Stories, Epics, Technical Tasks, etc. You will estimate and assign these elements to the project team.
  • Agile Project Management: Using the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlogs, Kanban Diagrams, along with many automations and constraint rules.

Functionality and Benefits:

  • Product Backlog and Sprint Backlogs
  • Kanban created for each Sprint
  • States are updated on dragged & dropped
  • ‘Burn Up’ & ‘Burn Down’ Charts
  • Straightforward set-up
  • And more…


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