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This add-in helps Quality Assurance departments to minimise the time spent on verification & validation and other QA tasks, and to ensure quality and consistency of models. Tedious tasks that take hours to perform manually, take just seconds with this add-in. The tool automates QA processes to help prevent human errors in repetitive tasks.

Statistical Reports:

  • Count artifacts by various criteria
  • Average number of operations by class
  • Average number of scenarios by use case

Batch update:

  • Batch changes to properties or tagged values
  • Bulk modification of attribute or column data types

Validation & verification:

  • Search for artifacts without a description
  • Nomenclature checking of artifacts
  • Find cyclical relations, multiple inheritance and repeated relations
  • "Artifact x Package" matrix generation
  • Traceability rules composer and model checking under these rules
  • Impact Analysis through traceability and .csv export
  • Check Use Cases for missing scenarios, Activity or Interaction subdiagrams

and more...

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