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(EA)² is an add-in product that extends and hones Enterprise Architect for modeling Enterprise Architecture. It includes a framework and supporting tools for providing architectural guidance and conformance and turns the model repository into a knowledge base used for Architecture Driven Planning.

Modeling your Enterprise Architecture
(EA)² provides toolbox elements for modeling each architectural view, i.e Business, Application, Data, and Infrastructure, as well as for linking across views for a vertical slice of the architecture. Architectural conformance is ensured by prescribed diagram types and quick links that provide the allowable interactions among the elements, both horizontally and vertically.

Communicating the Architecture to all Stakeholders
Designs created for each architectural view speak to constituent stakeholders in their own terms. Enterprise architects can review vertical slices for conformance to architectural directions.

Performing Architecture Based Planning
(EA)² provides roadmaps for moving from current to future states. It provides SQL views that leverage the underlying meta-model, making it easy to design comprehensive reports showing the relationships among the architectural assets and how they relate to the roadmaps.

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