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DBMode is an Enterprise Architect extension for Database modeling. DBMode enables you to auto-generate MS-Excel documents, view CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) matrix, define and use Domains, etc.

Integrated into Enterprise Architect
DBMode is an add-in for Enterprise Architect, so all features are accessible through Enterprise Architect's interface. DBMode can manage existing Table objects and their properties in an Enterprise Architect model. You don't need to migrate existing models.

Supports Efficient and Intuitive Database Modeling
DBMode's features support more efficient and intuitive Database Modeling. For example, the Model Check feature reports all errors and inconsistencies in the Database model. You can easily manage common Columns used in many Tables by Domain feature.

Auto-generate MS-Excel Documents
From Tables, you can generate stylish MS-Excel documents automatically. You do not need to manage both the Enterprise Architect model and Excel documents. When a model changes, simply regenerate the Excel document to keep it in synch with the model.

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