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The CodeTrigger C# code generation plugin for Enterprise Architect enables users to go from Enterprise Architect data model/database to complete working end to end multi-tier application with a few clicks.

Some of the options available to Enterprise Architect users via the CodeTrigger plugin are:

  • Generate fully implemented SQL stored procedures/inline SQL/Packages for SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle databases
  • Fully implemented Data Access Classes, Business layer classes, with lazy member collections, dependency injection and IOC Patterns, compatible with containers such as Microsoft Unity, & Ninject
  • Generate WPF, ASP.NET & Winforms samples, WCF service layer, and Interface definition files
  • Easily configure the CodeTrigger output within EA for multi tier applications, or projects with multiple database sources
  • Within the Enterprise Architect project users can generate/inject code directly into an existing Visual Studio VS2010\VS2012 project, enhancing collaboration within teams where some users work with EA and some with Visual Studio.

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