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CIM EA is a free add-in which extends Enterprise Architect to provide a single environment in which users can manage the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) together with CIM Profiles. Using CIM EA, you can create and edit CIM Profiles as standard UML models, as well as generate CIM-based artifacts from them, all from within Enterprise Architect.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Create and edit CIM Profiles as UML models
    • Maintain profiles in UML alongside the CIM
    • Familiar modeling environment
  • Integrated into Enterprise Architect
    • No external tools or technologies
    • Eliminates XMI model exports
  • Generate artifacts from within Enterprise Architect
    • Quickly create artifacts such as XSD and RDF
    • Efficiently iterate model development and regenerate artifacts
  • Streamlined user experience
    • Fast and intuitive CIM Profile creation and editing

For more information on CIM EA, please email: