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eaDocX™ is the high quality Microsoft Word document generator for Enterprise Architect, including Microsoft Excel integration and supporting ISO 9001:2008 compliance, putting Enterprise Architect at the heart of your business.

  • Excel export/import for bulk edit of EA data and easy capture of external data sources
  • Full function Word formatted documents including embedded Excel Charts and spreadsheets
  • Intelligent document creation: print options based on your model, including relationships and project data.
  • Document model structures, report across packages, use matrix views, filter and sort data, apply conditional formatting
  • Document management including version control, history and related documents
  • All content automatically updated from EA with 2 clicks.


eaDocX™ is three tools in one, integrating EA, Excel and Word and delivering project automation to your business. Save time, save money and improve project quality.

eaDocX: document excellence