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Solvea™ is a SysML parametric solver and integrator add-in for Enterprise Architect. With Solvea, system engineers can execute SysML parametric models in Enterprise Architect to compute system performance, cost, reliability, and other measures-of-effectiveness; setup and perform automated requirements verification; and run automated trade studies to select best-in-class alternatives.

Solvea supports Mathematica® and OpenModelica™ for parametric constraint solving. The Solvea – Excel® connection makes it easy to import/export data from SysML models. Solvea also allow users to wrap MATLAB/Simulink® m-files as SysML constraint blocks, build high-fidelity SysML parametric models, and execute them in the context of the system-of-interest. Interfaces to other standard computer-aided design, analysis and simulation tools are under development, so check out our website for the latest info.