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Screen Architect

Screen Architect is a, Jolt Productivity Award winning, prototyping tool specifically developed to allow rapid prototyping of user interfaces. A plug-in to the popular UML CASE tool Enterprise Architect, Screen Architect allows traceability between screen elements, requirements and the underlying analysis model.

Key Screen Architect features include:

  • Support for rapid User Interface (UI) modeling and screen design;
  • Application structure and navigation modeling;
  • Support for documenting an organizations given UI standards that could then be leveraged to create reusable UI templates within a prototype;
  • Capability to generate prototype specifications either as RTF documents or published HTML pages;
  • Integration with UML models maintained in Enterprise Architect including use cases, activity diagrams and class models;
  • Capability to generate standalone prototypes in HTML (or similar) format for demonstrating application design concepts such as application structure, navigation, look and feel and business requirements.

Screen Architect is also a component part of Catch Limited’s integrated toolset, which includes award winning tools Enterprise Architect and JIRA and proprietary tool Enterprise Tester, and provides users with a full end-to-end solution in lifecycle management.

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