EA Community Site

This is the Sparx Systems site where EA users can contribute their own material, and make it available to other EA users. Sparx act as the custodians for all content. 

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EA Linked-in groups

There are a number of linkedin groups for EA users:

Member numbers quoted as at July 2014.

Enterprise Architect(Sparx Systems) User group. Main group for LinkedIn users, covering all aspects of EA life. (9,656 Members)
Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) for Business Analysts. Specialist group for Business Analysts. (1,669 members)
EA for PM: Specialist group for Project Managers who are interested in EA (115 Members) 
EA for TOGAF: Specialist group for Business Architect who use TOGAF with EA. (1,634 Members)


EDM Council Financial modelling download

Sparx EA download for Financial Industry modelling


Sparx Systems . COM

This is daddy of all Resources. HQ. Thrush Central. The Bat Cave.

It has an online version of the EA help files which is searchable, as well as white papers and other useful bits.

Go to Sparx Systems .com 

This Site also has the ONLY online forum to which Sparx themselves will contribute. Understandable, as otherwise they would have to monitor 100s of sites all over the place.

Stack Overflow forum

This has some useful stuff, but for the real deal, just use the Sparx main forum -(ONLY one to which Sparx themselves contribute)

More - Stack Overflow for EA