• EDU Solution

    URL: http://www.edusolution.pl


    EDUSOLUTION (www.edusolution.pl) is a Warsaw based company that helps its customers to achieve their business objectives. It was founded as a sister company of ISOLUTION (www.isolution.pl) to deliver its educational services. EDUSOLUTION delivers a wide variety of trainer led courses related to:

    • Java Technology
    • Object oriented analysis and design
    • Achitecture design
    • UML
    • Requirements management
    • Testing management

    The courses are delivered as open public courses or as custom, on-site workshops for corporate clients.

    The instructors are the professionals who take part in ISOLUTION projects. Their knowledge and their experience have been confirmed by achieved certificates, projects success stories, and satisfaction of our clients. During the courses, the instructors focus on the practical exercises and workshops to maximize the efficiency of knowledge transfer.

  • Enterprise Architect Gears Bridge

    BigLever Software

    BigLever Software’s Enterprise Architect/Gears Bridge™ enables engineering organizations to utilize Enterprise Architect MDD models as configurable shared assets within their Gears production lines, and Gears PLE constructs as first-class systems and software engineering mechanisms for managing product line diversity in Enterprise Architect MDD models.

    More specifically, the Bridge allows users to:

    • Use PLE mechanisms to manage the diversity for a full product line in a single, consolidated MDD model, as a highly scalable alternative to cloned copies or one-size-fits-all UML and SysML models.
    • Automatically configure Enterprise Architect models for different products by making feature choices in a Gears feature profile.
    • Convert Enterprise Architect model elements into Gears variation points to encapsulate the PLE diversity for that model element, without extending or complicating UML and SysML models.
    • Use one or more Enterprise Architect models – either packages or projects – in a larger collection of shared assets across the full engineering lifecycle for a product line portfolio.
    • Perform integrated PLE operations – such as product configuration, variation point editing and variation impact analysis – directly from Enterprise Architect menus.


    For more information: http://www.biglever.com/ecosystem/bridges/sparx.html


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