• Alten PTS

    URL: http://www.altenpts.nl/

    Alten PTS

    Located in the Netherlands and founded in 1988, Alten PTS is a leading service provider in the field of technical and scientific systems development. We are the preferred supplier for renowned clients in high-tech industries. Alten PTS is part of Alten, the skilled partner in technology.

    Alten PTS offers the following Enterprise Architect courses:

    Enterprise Architect in a Day
    An introduction into Enterprise Architect aimed at experienced object oriented software developers.

    Modular Enterprise Architect training
    A unique customizable training, which combines knowledge of Enterprise Architect with understanding how Enterprise Architect can be applied effectively in the development process. A selection of 20 modules is available to match the course content closely to your needs.

    Customized Enterprise Architect training
    A fully customizable training that teaches only what is needed in your own environment using your own models and tools.


    Our training courses and staff are kept up to date with the latest version of Enterprise Architect.

    Additional Services

    PTS also offers consultancy on:
    • Enterprise Architect deployment scenarios 
      (repository selection, version control, security, etc)
    • Model structure
    • Extending Enterprise Architect using custom add-ins and profiles


    Detecting issues early in the project lifecycle can save a lot of time and money. With AMUSE you can validate your Enterprise Architect UML Model to correct errors in your business workflow or application logic before your software engineers write a single line of code. You also can reuse the source code generated by AMUSE for your applications (C# supported in the standard package).

    With AMUSE you can create models on any level of abstraction and initiate testing in the very early project stages. By integrating mock-objects, existing applications and external hardware, even highly complex behaviors can be validated.

    For more information go to: www.lieberlieber.com

  • ArchiSpark neat

    archiSpark neat

    ArchiSpark neat connects to Enterprise Architect, providing an easy method of managing large amounts of business data. Neat (neat enterprise architecture tool) allows for the modeling of enterprise architectures in data grids, while maintaining full control of the ArchiMate® 2.1 metamodel.

    Main features of archiSpark neat add-in are:

    • Full cooperation with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
    • Full implementation of the ArchiMate®2.1 metamodel
    • Business data controlled by your metamodel
    • Business data orientation with the use of viewpoints
    • Simple way of defining your own viewpoints
    • Business data trimmed to fit your needs
    • High performance UI Controls
    • Tracing the connections of the model objects through the metamodel

    For more information, please visit: http://neat.archispark.com/

  • Catch Limited

    URL: http://www.catchlimited.com/

    Catch Limited

    Catch Limited is a Business and ICT Consultancy, whose team of professional consultants focus on delivering both outstanding service and excellent value to clients. A Reseller, Value Added Reseller and Training Partner to Sparx Systems, Catch uses Enterprise Architect as its analysis and architecture tool of choice, has a strong affiliation with both Sparx Systems HQ and Sparx Systems New Zealand and has developed integrated tools for Enterprise Architect.

    With significant Enterprise Architect experience, the consultants at Catch are well placed to provide training and mentored training to organisations. The company provides a wide range of courses relating to Enterprise Architect, UML and BPMN; from Fundamentals to Advanced. A summary of courses is provided below:

    • Fundamentals of Enterprise Architect
    • Enterprise Architect for Business Analysts
    • Advanced Enterprise Architect
    • Class Modelling using Enterprise Architect
    • Enterprise Architect in a Multiuser Environment
    • Enterprise Architect for Test Analysts
    • Enterprise Architect for Administrators

    Training is provided in a hands-on environment, using real life examples and is continuously being developed to respond to individual business needs. All course material includes a significant amount of practical exercises and hands-on use of Enterprise Architect.

    See also our Third-Party Plug In listing for Screen ArchitectEnterprise Tester and Cadeo.

  • Cephas Consulting Corp

    URL: http://www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com 

    Cephas Consulting Corp

    Cephas Consulting Corp has been delivering enterprise services to U.S. government agencies and corporate clients for over 15 years. As Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) VAR, training and consulting partner, Cephas offers a complete service package for North American customers. They deliver courses onsite and online for the latest released version of EA.

    EA QuickStart – 2-day course
    • EA best practices
    • Introduction to UML, requirements management
    • Document generation, repository management...  details...
    The Unified Modeling Language™(UML®) using EA – 3-day course
    • UML fundamentals
    • Core structural and behavioral diagrams...  details...
    The Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) using EA – 3-day course
    • SysML modeling fundamentals
    • Requirements, structural, behavioral and parametric modeling... (see details...)
    Business Process Training Other & Frameworks

    Email: contact@enterprisemodelingsolutions.com
    Phone: 714-573-7112
    Web: www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com

  • EDM Council Financial modelling download

    EDM Council Financial modelling download

    Sparx EA download for Financial Industry modelling


  • Erudis

    URL: http://www.erudis.pl/...


    Erudis Process Management is a Warsaw based consulting company, which is providing versatile services connected with IT project management. We specialize in analysis and improvement of business process associated with IT projects in client's company. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants we are able to help our customers to achieve success by improving activities in company's development process, and making IT projects more manageable.

    We are always working closely with our customers. In our opinion only true partnership guarantees success.

    We offer professional courses traversing various domains of knowledge. They approach problems from several perspectives which proves to be very useful for organization and individuals participating in project. This multidirectional approach can be more compatible with customers needs and demands.

    Our mission

    Improve internal communication and processes within customer's organization, leading to its most successful performance on the market.

    As a part of our integrated offer we propose various courses, covering following main topic:

    1. Modeling IT systems with UML
    2. Enterprise Architect – UML Modeling Tool
    3. Modeling Information Systems with Enterprise Architect

    All courses are delivered by experienced and professional consultants and co-working with us experts. The key element of our training is the individual contact with consultants and collective analysis of problems encountered by trainees, as well as prepared case studies. We would like to emphasize particular value of dedicated training that make all team members communicate with similar proficiency. Schedule and range can be carefully tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Infovide Matrix

    URL: http://www.infovidematrix.pl

    Infovide Matrix

    Infovide-Matrix, located in Poland, provides a range of UML training courses. At present they provide two courses focused specifically on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and UML.

    The courses are:

    Modeling with UML
    This particular course is designed for all professionals who are unfamiliar with modeling techniques and need an introduction to UML. During the three-day course all participants are introduced to modeling by working with real world examples. 
    “Modeling with UML” focuses on the following areas: how to model, what to model, and when to stop modeling. After training is completed, every participant will know how to model using UML, and how to avoid many of the common mistakes.

    Enterprise Architect and UML
    This course is suited to professionals who are new to Enterprise Architect. “Enterprise Architect and UML” includes many practical exercises which are specifically designed to cover the introductory facets of modeling IT systems. 
    During lectures and practical work, participants will learn many of Enterprise Architect’s features and how to apply the tool in their workplace. By using a sample project, the trainees are taught how to use the tool in every major phase of a software development lifecycle, from analysis to coding and testing. Upon completion every participant will be able to effectively use Enterprise Architect in their every-day work, regardless of their position as analysts, architects or developers.

  • Model Guardian

    Model Guardian

    Take Control of Enterprise Architect
    Model Guardian, the Framework & Model Management System, makes the process of framework development and model synchronization as easy as possible.

    Framework Management
    Model Guardian provides a user interface that intuitively guides you through the process of framework development, including toolboxes, quicklinks and a lot more. It even manages framework versions, including automatic archival and retrieval processing.

    Model Management
    Models are synchronized with the latest version of the framework, keeping them from becoming obsolete. Models created without Model Guardian can be synchronized with and brought under framework management. Broad, sweeping changes to models can be made, like changing a stereotype of all elements having that stereotype.

    Yours or Ours
    With Model Guardian, you can build your own frameworks or start with one of ours, e.g., the (EA)² Enterprise Architecture Modeling Framework, and modify it to fit your environment.

    For more information, go to: www.ModelGuardian.com.

  • PivotPoint Technology

    URL: http://www.PTCorp.com

    PivotPoint Technology

    PivotPoint Technology Corporation is a software and systems engineering services company that specializes in Model-Based Solutions™ for tough business and technical problems. PivotPoint supports open modeling standards and provides premium training, consulting, and tool customization services for clients in North America and Europe. PivotPoint has helped clients improve their system architectures and business processes in a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace-defense and communications to financial services and healthcare.

    Training Services Customized for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: PivotPoint offers clients a wide range of Model-Based Engineering workshops that are customized to work with Enterprise Architect. PivotPoint training is intense and pragmatic—punctuated with frequent Q&A sessions and hands-on practice exercises. PivotPoint workshops feature industry standard modeling languages (UML, SysML, BPMN), architecture frameworks (DoDAF/MODAF, UPDM, TOGAF), and model-based processes (Open Unified Process, Agile Modeling). All workshops can be customized to meet your project and team needs.

    Consulting Services Customized for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: PivotPoint offers clients a wide range of Model-Based Engineering consulting services that will help your project succeed when you use Enterprise Architect to specify your enterprise architectures and processes. PivotPoint can assist your modeling team with modeling tool installation, deployment, and customization as well as architecture and process mentoring.

    Enterprise Architect Training services: http://www.ptcorp.com/training/Sparx-EA-training.htm

    Contact PivotPoint Technology - Model-Based Solutions™:
    Email: Sparx.Partner@PTCorp.com
    Phone: +1.760.201.0200
    Web: www.PTCorp.com

  • SGAM Toolbox

    Insurance Frameworks

    Overview of Plug-In

    The "SGAM Toolbox" supports the development of Smart Grid Architectures in reference to the "Smart Grid Architecture Model" (SGAM) as proposed by the "Smart Grid Coordination Group" among the European mandate M/490. It aims at supporting all stakeholders along the engineering process of Smart Grid systems.

    Functionality and Benefits 

    The core element of the tool is a Metamodel of the SGAM that provides a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for modelling. As the focus of the tool is on applicability, it delivers numerous templates, reference data and more. It is complemented with a very well documented step-by-step development process. In addition, some video tutorials, reference examples and Scientific Publications (addressing the background) support an easy start. The tool is free to use.

    Contact Details: 
    Christian Neureiter 
    Salzburg University of Applied Sciences 
    Josef Ressel Center for User-Centric Smart Grid Privacy, Security and Control 
    Urstein Sued 1 | 5412 Puch/Salzburg | Austria 
    fon:  +43 (0)50-2211-1328 | fax: -1349 
    mail: christian.neureiter@en-trust.at 
    web: http://www.en-trust.at/downloads/sgam-toolbox/