• ArchiSpark neat

    archiSpark neat

    ArchiSpark neat connects to Enterprise Architect, providing an easy method of managing large amounts of business data. Neat (neat enterprise architecture tool) allows for the modeling of enterprise architectures in data grids, while maintaining full control of the ArchiMate® 2.1 metamodel.

    Main features of archiSpark neat add-in are:

    • Full cooperation with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
    • Full implementation of the ArchiMate®2.1 metamodel
    • Business data controlled by your metamodel
    • Business data orientation with the use of viewpoints
    • Simple way of defining your own viewpoints
    • Business data trimmed to fit your needs
    • High performance UI Controls
    • Tracing the connections of the model objects through the metamodel

    For more information, please visit: http://neat.archispark.com/

  • Biner EASI

    Biner EASI

    Biner EASI is a full integration of Enterprise Architect, ArchiMate and TOGAF in one software plug-in, helping you kick-start your EA process straight away.

    Functionality and Benefits

    Biner EASI (Biner Enterprise Architecture Standard Integration) is a EA solution in the shape of a software plug-in (BEASI) which completely integrates TOGAF and ArchiMate in Sparx Enterprise Architect.

    Biner EASI contains pre-configured structures based on the ADM model, using ArchiMate as modelling language. This saves you a lot of time consuming preparation work, meaning that you will be able to get started with your EA work straight away.

    Contact Details
    For more information visit: http://www.biner.se/beasi

  • Cephas Consulting Corp

    URL: http://www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com 

    Cephas Consulting Corp

    Cephas Consulting Corp has been delivering enterprise services to U.S. government agencies and corporate clients for over 15 years. As Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) VAR, training and consulting partner, Cephas offers a complete service package for North American customers. They deliver courses onsite and online for the latest released version of EA.

    EA QuickStart – 2-day course
    • EA best practices
    • Introduction to UML, requirements management
    • Document generation, repository management...  details...
    The Unified Modeling Language™(UML®) using EA – 3-day course
    • UML fundamentals
    • Core structural and behavioral diagrams...  details...
    The Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) using EA – 3-day course
    • SysML modeling fundamentals
    • Requirements, structural, behavioral and parametric modeling... (see details...)
    Business Process Training Other & Frameworks

    Email: contact@enterprisemodelingsolutions.com
    Phone: 714-573-7112
    Web: www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com

  • Dunstan Thomas

    URL: http://www.dthomas-software.co.uk/

    Dunstan Thomas

    Dunstan Thomas Consulting have been Sparx Systems global training partners for the last ten years and over that time have been instrumental in delivering solutions to a variety of industries. Dunstan Thomas's clients range from those within the telecommunications industry to the automotive industry and those within the public sector.

    DT's course materials are written by the instructors who are also hands on consultants, so you are guaranteed to receive real life experience training delivered by experienced consultants who aren't afraid to "get their hands dirty". With all of DT's course materials being modular it means that any course can be easily customised to suit your needs.

    All of Dunstan Thomas's training courses are in line with the latest versions of UML and Enterprise Architect.

    Dunstan Thomas can provide consulting services as a full time resource on your project, or dip in and out as needed and have developed a range of add-ins for EA ranging from Use Case editors to RTF document generators.

    Contact Details

    Email: training@dthomas.co.uk
    Phone: +44 (0) 23 9282 2254
    Fax: +44 (0) 23 9282 3999
    Business Address: 
    Rawlings Suite, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3TT, United Kingdom
    Web: www.dthomas-software.co.uk

  • EA Principals Inc

    URL: http://www.eaprincipals.com/

    EA Principals Inc.

    Through a growing base of internal consulting talent and partner relationships, EA Principals, Inc. has been providing innovative services to major U.S. government agencies and large corporate clients for over a decade. Leveraging our location near the U.S. capital, EA Principals has served the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, General Services Administration, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. EA Principals’ principal consultants have also provided Fortune 500 companies with strategic consulting/training on EA, service-oriented architecture, and global supply chains.

    Training Services/Courses

    EA Principals brings highly qualified and experienced trainers and mentors globally, making their real-world experiences available to enhance learning and knowledge acquisition.

    Main courses offered are:

    • ArchiMate® 2 Certification
    • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Certification
    • DoDAF 2 Certification
    • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
    • TOGAF 9 Certification
    • Cloud Computing and SOA Governance Workshops
    • Enterprise & Solution Architecture Certification
    • Business Analysis Essentials
    • Requirements Management
    • Organizational Context
    • Mentoring for kick-starting your EA/TOGAF 9 Program and/or Projects

    Additional Services

    • EA Certification Training for Architects
    • Enterprise Architecture Services
    • Project/Portfolio Management Services
    • Management/Decision Support Services
    • Ongoing, as-required or retainer-based consulting to support your EA initiatives

    Contact Information
    Email: training@eaprincipals.com
    Phone: (703) 333-6098
    Business Address: 6268 Lincolnia Road, Alexandria, VA 22312
    Web: www.eaprincipals.com
    Country(s) of Operation: Global

  • Hippo Software

    URL: www.hippo-software.co.uk

    Hippo Software

    Hippo Software provides formal training courses, seminars and workshops in Enterprise Architect and its related technologies (UML, SysML, BPMN and ArchiMate). Hippo Software delivers on-site training throughout the UK and Europe and webinar training worldwide.

    Hippo Software’s training materials are highly modular and can be tailored to specific customer needs. All courses contain substantial hands-on sessions in Enterprise Architect. Flexible pricing allows cost-effective training for any number of delegates. Discounts are available for multiple courses.

    Examples of pre-defined training courses include:

    • EA Executive Overview – ½ day
    • EA Essentials – 1 day
    • EA and BPMN for Business Process Modelling – 1 day
    • EA and Use Cases for Requirements Analysis – 2 days
    • EA, UML and BPMN for Business Analysis – 3 days
    • EA and UML for Software Analysis and Design – 4 days
    • EA and SysML for Systems Engineering – 4 days
    • EA for ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture – 2 days
    • EA RTF Document Workshop – 1 or 2 days

    Hippo Software also provides consulting and mentoring in Enterprise Architect. Hippo Software’s consultants assist in assignments on customer sites throughout the UK and Europe. They help customers to setup, establish and obtain best practice with Enterprise Architect and its related technologies.

    Contact Details
    Email: hippo@hippo-software.co.uk 
    Phone: +44 (0)1506 202164
    Web: www.hippo-software.co.uk 
    Countries of Operation: UK and Europe (on-site), Worldwide (webinar)

  • Sparx Systems India

    URL: http://www.sparxsystems.in/

    Sparx Systems India

    Sparx Systems India endeavours to serve the rapidly growing Indian Enterprise Architect customer base. Sparx Systems India offers prompt and exclusive services to meet the varying needs of the current and prospective Enterprise Architect users in India.

    Services Offered

    • Enterprise Architect Software Sales.
    • Pre and post-sales support.
    • Enterprise Architect Deployment support.
    • Content and Model migration from other software / processes.
    • Enterprise Architect customization to suit specific organizational needs.
    • Training - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
    • Technical assistance via phone, email, chat or on-site support.

    Training Services/Courses
    Sparx Systems India's team of experienced Enterprise Architect trainers offer high quality on-site training to help teams quickly gain proficiency in using Enterprise Architect for real-time projects.
    Please Visit http://sparxsystems.in/ea-training for more details.

    Introduction to OOAD And UML Level 1 - Beginners
    Effective System Engineering with SysML Level 1 - Beginners
    Business Process Analysis with BPMN Level 1 - Beginners
    Enterprise Architect for UML - 1 Level 2 - Intermediate
    Enterprise Architect for UML - 2 Level 2 - Intermediate
    Enterprise Architect for BAs - 1 Level 2 - Intermediate
    Enterprise Architect for BAs - 2 Level 2 - Intermediate
    Enterprise Architect Complete Level 3 - Advanced
    BPMN using Enterprise Architect Level 3 - Advanced
    SysML & EA for System Engineering Level 3 - Advanced
    ArchiMate using Enterprise Architect Level 3 - Advanced

    Contact Details
    Email: info@sparxsystems.in
    Phone: +91 44 4359 5073
    Business Address: W 36 / A, First Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600040
    Web: www.sparxsystems.in
    Country(s) of Operation: India, Middle East, Sri Lanka 

  • Zicomi Systems

    URL: http://www.zicomi.com

    Zicomi Systems

    Zicomi Systems has been working with Enterprise Architect for 14 years and has trained thousands of students from business and technical disciplines and is a recognised leader in modelling business and software systems.

    Trainers at Zicomi Systems are qualified practitioners and teachers using modern, innovative and engaging teaching methods to ensure participants are ready to harness the power of Enterprise Architect to make:

    • projects a success
    • reduce costs
    • mitigate risk
    • ensure compliance


    Zicomi provides a wide range of courses including topics such as:

    • Fundamentals and advanced
    • Business analysis
    • Requirements modelling and management
    • Information and data modelling
    • Geospatial modelling
    • Enterprise and solution architecture modelling
    • Analysis and design modelling including component and deployment models
    • UML, BPMN, SysML, Archimate, TOGAF, GML, ArcGIS


    Zicomi trains everyone from individuals to large corporate and government agencies and offers a range of training options to suit your needs:

    • In-house training
    • Public training
    • One-on-one and small groups coaching
    • Remote training


    Zicomi also provides a range of other services including:

    • Implementation and repository setup, including profiles
    • Modelling business or software systems: UML, BPMN, SysML, Archimate, GML, ArcGIS
    • Documentation and publishing
    • Programmatic extensions
    • Reviews, audits and more
    • Agile and formal SDLCs


    Contact Details:

    Email: reception@zicomi.com
    Phone: 03 86400444
    Web: www.zicomi.com
    Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth