• (EA)²


    (EA)² is an add-in product that extends and hones Enterprise Architect for modeling Enterprise Architecture. It includes a framework and supporting tools for providing architectural guidance and conformance and turns the model repository into a knowledge base used for Architecture Driven Planning.

    Modeling your Enterprise Architecture
    (EA)² provides toolbox elements for modeling each architectural view, i.e Business, Application, Data, and Infrastructure, as well as for linking across views for a vertical slice of the architecture. Architectural conformance is ensured by prescribed diagram types and quick links that provide the allowable interactions among the elements, both horizontally and vertically.

    Communicating the Architecture to all Stakeholders
    Designs created for each architectural view speak to constituent stakeholders in their own terms. Enterprise architects can review vertical slices for conformance to architectural directions.

    Performing Architecture Based Planning
    (EA)² provides roadmaps for moving from current to future states. It provides SQL views that leverage the underlying meta-model, making it easy to design comprehensive reports showing the relationships among the architectural assets and how they relate to the roadmaps.

    For more information go to: www.OADConsulting.com

  • 80Twenty

    URL: http://www.80twenty.com.sg/training.html


    Consultants at 80Twenty has been specializing in Software Engineering training and consulting since 1988. One of 80Twenty software engineering training programs focuses on Visual Modeling in UML using Enterprise Architect. Participants after attending our program will be able to effectively and confidently apply UML in modeling their object-oriented systems using Enterprise architect. 70% of the program is workshop oriented to enhance the ability to apply the knowledge acquired using a real-world case study.

    The training program is customizable and is available worldwide in English. However, we can also organize the program to be conducted in Chinese, Malay and other languages.

  • Alten PTS

    URL: http://www.altenpts.nl/

    Alten PTS

    Located in the Netherlands and founded in 1988, Alten PTS is a leading service provider in the field of technical and scientific systems development. We are the preferred supplier for renowned clients in high-tech industries. Alten PTS is part of Alten, the skilled partner in technology.

    Alten PTS offers the following Enterprise Architect courses:

    Enterprise Architect in a Day
    An introduction into Enterprise Architect aimed at experienced object oriented software developers.

    Modular Enterprise Architect training
    A unique customizable training, which combines knowledge of Enterprise Architect with understanding how Enterprise Architect can be applied effectively in the development process. A selection of 20 modules is available to match the course content closely to your needs.

    Customized Enterprise Architect training
    A fully customizable training that teaches only what is needed in your own environment using your own models and tools.


    Our training courses and staff are kept up to date with the latest version of Enterprise Architect.

    Additional Services

    PTS also offers consultancy on:
    • Enterprise Architect deployment scenarios 
      (repository selection, version control, security, etc)
    • Model structure
    • Extending Enterprise Architect using custom add-ins and profiles


    Detecting issues early in the project lifecycle can save a lot of time and money. With AMUSE you can validate your Enterprise Architect UML Model to correct errors in your business workflow or application logic before your software engineers write a single line of code. You also can reuse the source code generated by AMUSE for your applications (C# supported in the standard package).

    With AMUSE you can create models on any level of abstraction and initiate testing in the very early project stages. By integrating mock-objects, existing applications and external hardware, even highly complex behaviors can be validated.

    For more information go to: www.lieberlieber.com

  • ArchiSpark neat

    archiSpark neat

    ArchiSpark neat connects to Enterprise Architect, providing an easy method of managing large amounts of business data. Neat (neat enterprise architecture tool) allows for the modeling of enterprise architectures in data grids, while maintaining full control of the ArchiMate® 2.1 metamodel.

    Main features of archiSpark neat add-in are:

    • Full cooperation with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
    • Full implementation of the ArchiMate®2.1 metamodel
    • Business data controlled by your metamodel
    • Business data orientation with the use of viewpoints
    • Simple way of defining your own viewpoints
    • Business data trimmed to fit your needs
    • High performance UI Controls
    • Tracing the connections of the model objects through the metamodel

    For more information, please visit: http://neat.archispark.com/

  • Armstrong Process Group

    URL: http://www.aprocessgroup.com

    Armstrong Process Group

    Sparx Expertise - APG Ensures Success

    Armstrong Process Group (APG) ensures organizations successfully use Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect by providing world-class, instructor-led, classroom and web-based training, as well as expert guidance on tool installation, configuration, and customization.

    Training Services/Courses

    APG has a comprehensive training curriculum that covers all aspects of enterprise development lifecycles.

    Sparx Training Courses:


    Additional Services/Information

    APG Services

    • Creation of custom Sparx EA MDG Technologies and Add-Ins
    • Adoption of standard enterprise architecture, systems engineering, and solution delivery methods - TOGAF, DoDAF, INCOSE/OOSEM, OpenUP/RUP
    • Adoption of standard modeling specifications - UML, SysML, BPMN, UPDM, and others
    • Acquisition, configuration, and deployment of tools


    APG Memberships

    • The Open Group
    • Object Management Group
    • Eclipse Foundation
    • IIBA - Endorsed Education Provider (EEP)


    Contact Details


    800.787.4028 (toll-free US)
    +1.651.204.9282 (toll and international)
    Business Address:
    808 Carmichael Road #174
    Hudson, WI 54016 USA
    Country(s) of Operation:
  • B-Quality

    URL: www.b-quality.net


    B-Quality is an innovative and efficient consultant for trainings and development within the medical device section.

    B-Quality creates solutions for more efficient device development and optimizes the business processes and needs with great agility and a continuous view on self-improvement.

    As medical consultant, B-Quality is permanently involved in the development process and the need of high quality tools to support and improve the medical device development. Since the focus is only on medical devices, B-Quality is a highly educated partner for the regulated environment. B-Quality consults Enterprise Architect for development throughout the complete development lifecycle process from scratch up to the approval at notified bodies. This usage and the continuous improvement of the processes along the medical regulations and engineering standards provide up-to-date and high quality consulting, workshops and trainings.

    Training Services/Courses:

    • One-Day Hands-On
    • Experienced user workshop
    • Workshops for
      • Development
      • Test
      • Project managers
    • EA Administration
    • Consulting
    • Extension development
    • Process support
    • On-Demand-Service and Support
    • Integration of EA during the development

    Contact Details
    Email: info@b-quality.de
    Phone: +49 911 254 99 01
    Fax: +49 911 254 99 02
    Business Address: B-Quality Stefan Bolleininger, Oedenberger Str. 17, 90491 Nürnberg Germany
    Web: www.b-quality.net
    Countries of business: Europe

  • Biner Consulting

    URL: http://www.biner.se

    Biner Consulting

    Biner Consulting help their clients achieve business transformation through the use of change management and enterprise architecture. Biner Consulting’s key strengths are their highly skilled and experienced consultants and their relationships and cooperation within the enterprise architecture community. Biner Consulting provide high quality consultancy services and training for organizations that work towards developing effectiveness through enterprise architecture.

    Biner Consulting are the Zachman International representatives in Scandinavia, and represent The Open Group in Sweden and the Nordic Region.

    Biner Consulting provide an introductory course to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, which is two days in length, and covers the basics for modeling Enterprise Architecture – from goals to use-case – in Enterprise Architect. The course mixes theory and practice with individual case exercises.

    Biner Consulting can tailor programs of training, developing client specific case studies and materials as appropriate.

    Biner Consulting also offer specific Zachman and TOGAF courses for clients wishing to integrate Enterprise Architect into their frameworks.

    Biner Consulting are also accredited training providers of TOGAF 9.

    Contact Details 
    Email: info@biner.se
    Phone: +46 31 743 0780
    Web: www.biner.se
    Countries of business: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltics

  • Biner EASI

    Biner EASI

    Biner EASI is a full integration of Enterprise Architect, ArchiMate and TOGAF in one software plug-in, helping you kick-start your EA process straight away.

    Functionality and Benefits

    Biner EASI (Biner Enterprise Architecture Standard Integration) is a EA solution in the shape of a software plug-in (BEASI) which completely integrates TOGAF and ArchiMate in Sparx Enterprise Architect.

    Biner EASI contains pre-configured structures based on the ADM model, using ArchiMate as modelling language. This saves you a lot of time consuming preparation work, meaning that you will be able to get started with your EA work straight away.

    Contact Details
    For more information visit: http://www.biner.se/beasi

  • BPMN 2.0 Validation


    Cephas Consulting provides an Enterprise Architect extension for validating BPMN 2.0 models against the official OMG® specification. Validating business process models is important for ensuring their quality and consistency, and is a critical prerequisite for making them executable. This software is made available for free to any Cephas client (for details please refer to our web page).

    Validation occurs at the diagram level, with warning and error messages listed in Enterprise Architect’s Output window. Clicking a message will select the corresponding element in the Project Browser, while double clicking will open its properties window to facilitate correcting the issue.

    For more information, please visit: http://www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com/content/BPMN_Validation

  • Business Abstraction

    URL: http://www.businessabstraction.com

    Business Abstraction

    Business Abstraction specialises in practical hands-on training that ensures your team will hit the ground running. Our clients deliver their projects quicker, with fewer resources and higher utilisation of core staff, with superior quality, confidence and control.

    We keep the line open, answering all questions in relation to Enterprise Architect and modelling approaches, to ensure consistent and effective modelling.

    We have well-proven and effective training for:

    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Business Architecture & Strategy
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Solution Architecture
    • Business Analysis
    • Integration & complex projects


    phone: 04-0408-3258

  • Catch Limited

    URL: http://www.catchlimited.com/

    Catch Limited

    Catch Limited is a Business and ICT Consultancy, whose team of professional consultants focus on delivering both outstanding service and excellent value to clients. A Reseller, Value Added Reseller and Training Partner to Sparx Systems, Catch uses Enterprise Architect as its analysis and architecture tool of choice, has a strong affiliation with both Sparx Systems HQ and Sparx Systems New Zealand and has developed integrated tools for Enterprise Architect.

    With significant Enterprise Architect experience, the consultants at Catch are well placed to provide training and mentored training to organisations. The company provides a wide range of courses relating to Enterprise Architect, UML and BPMN; from Fundamentals to Advanced. A summary of courses is provided below:

    • Fundamentals of Enterprise Architect
    • Enterprise Architect for Business Analysts
    • Advanced Enterprise Architect
    • Class Modelling using Enterprise Architect
    • Enterprise Architect in a Multiuser Environment
    • Enterprise Architect for Test Analysts
    • Enterprise Architect for Administrators

    Training is provided in a hands-on environment, using real life examples and is continuously being developed to respond to individual business needs. All course material includes a significant amount of practical exercises and hands-on use of Enterprise Architect.

    See also our Third-Party Plug In listing for Screen ArchitectEnterprise Tester and Cadeo.

  • Cephas Consulting Corp

    URL: http://www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com 

    Cephas Consulting Corp

    Cephas Consulting Corp has been delivering enterprise services to U.S. government agencies and corporate clients for over 15 years. As Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) VAR, training and consulting partner, Cephas offers a complete service package for North American customers. They deliver courses onsite and online for the latest released version of EA.

    EA QuickStart – 2-day course
    • EA best practices
    • Introduction to UML, requirements management
    • Document generation, repository management...  details...
    The Unified Modeling Language™(UML®) using EA – 3-day course
    • UML fundamentals
    • Core structural and behavioral diagrams...  details...
    The Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) using EA – 3-day course
    • SysML modeling fundamentals
    • Requirements, structural, behavioral and parametric modeling... (see details...)
    Business Process Training Other & Frameworks

    Email: contact@enterprisemodelingsolutions.com
    Phone: 714-573-7112
    Web: www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com

  • CIM EA

    CIM EA

    CIM EA is a free add-in which extends Enterprise Architect to provide a single environment in which users can manage the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) together with CIM Profiles. Using CIM EA, you can create and edit CIM Profiles as standard UML models, as well as generate CIM-based artifacts from them, all from within Enterprise Architect.

    Functionality and Benefits

    • Create and edit CIM Profiles as UML models
      • Maintain profiles in UML alongside the CIM
      • Familiar modeling environment
    • Integrated into Enterprise Architect
      • No external tools or technologies
      • Eliminates XMI model exports
    • Generate artifacts from within Enterprise Architect
      • Quickly create artifacts such as XSD and RDF
      • Efficiently iterate model development and regenerate artifacts
    • Streamlined user experience
      • Fast and intuitive CIM Profile creation and editing

    For more information on CIM EA, please email: support@cimea.org

    Url: www.cimea.org

  • CodeTrigger


    The CodeTrigger C# code generation plugin for Enterprise Architect enables users to go from Enterprise Architect data model/database to complete working end to end multi-tier application with a few clicks.

    Some of the options available to Enterprise Architect users via the CodeTrigger plugin are:

    • Generate fully implemented SQL stored procedures/inline SQL/Packages for SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle databases
    • Fully implemented Data Access Classes, Business layer classes, with lazy member collections, dependency injection and IOC Patterns, compatible with containers such as Microsoft Unity, & Ninject
    • Generate WPF, ASP.NET & Winforms samples, WCF service layer, and Interface definition files
    • Easily configure the CodeTrigger output within EA for multi tier applications, or projects with multiple database sources
    • Within the Enterprise Architect project users can generate/inject code directly into an existing Visual Studio VS2010\VS2012 project, enhancing collaboration within teams where some users work with EA and some with Visual Studio.

    For more information, please visit: https://www.codetrigger.com/?source=ea

  • Contart

    URL: http://www.ctgi.com.br


    Contart is a Brazilian consulting firm devoted to making their clients more productive and competitive by strategically applying Information Technology to boost business performance. From inception to deployment and operation, Contart offers multiple competencies to transform your plans and needs into effective business results.

    To help IT organizations, Contart devotes a special line of business to software engineering.

    The course “Specifying and Developing Software Applications with UML and Enterprise Architect” has been created for professionals looking for knowledge in UML projects. It introduces the CASE tool and practical exercises. During the workshop, students will work on a case study using EA and UML.

    (Portuguese-speaking only)


    Contart - São Paulo - Brazil
    URL: www.ctgi.com.br
    Phone/Fax: +55 11 3722-2335
    E-mail: info@ctgi.com.br


  • Craftware

    URL: http://www.craftware.net/


    Enterprise Architect Training with Craftware
    Our "Craftware Training Programme" is designed to enhance our clients' skills in software development, based on object-oriented methodologies. Combining the theoretical base (OOA&D, Design Patterns, OO Principles, UML, Software Development Process courses) with some practical issues (developing Windows DNA/.NET/J2EE software systems) we believe we can effectively strive towards our goal. Because of its completeness and low price we have chosen EA as our main teaching tool.

    Our "Using Enterprise Architect" course includes 5 sessions with a total duration of 10 hours. Four hours are for EA demonstration, with the remaining six hours for hands-on learning of EA. Craftware teaching methods include interactive games, homework with instructor's feedback and real-world project simulations. Our courseware includes a printed "EA User Manual" (in Spanish), session summaries and a CD with trial or registered version of EA. The course is currently conducted in Spanish.

    About Craftware 
    Craftware Consultores Ltda. is a small software firm founded in 2002 in Santiago, Chile. We specialize in consulting, training and mentoring services as well as software systems development.

    We believe that our maturity in object-oriented methodologies and our experience in applying it in all areas of software development craft makes us different.

    To learn more about our vision, philosophy and strategy, please visit our web site at www.craftware.net.

  • CRaG Systems

    URL: http://www.cragsystems.co.uk

    CRaG Systems

    CRaG Systems provides a number of public and on-site (in-house) UML, BPMN and SysML training courses and hands-on workshops using Enterprise Architect in the UK, Europe and South Africa. Each training course teaches the skills required to use the relevant modelling language within Enterprise Architect for model-driven software development, business process management or real-time and embedded systems engineering.

    In addition to training courses, CRaG Systems provides Consultancy and Mentoring Services including KickStart Model Development Workshops to get your Enterprise Architect model off to a flying start.

    If the content of the available training courses or workshops does not meet your exact requirements, then a custom course or program can be developed to suit your particular needs.

    Providing Enterprise Architect based training since 2002

  • Data Projekt

    URL: http://www.dataprojekt.cz


    Dataprojekt s.r.o. is a company which is focused on The Czech Republic and Slovakian markets. It provides a wide range of various training courses aimed at analytical, development and IT project management skills. All courses are available as on-site at customers' locations or in our lecture-rooms. All course types can also be tailored to customers' needs.

    Training Services/Courses:

    • "Enterprise Architect" tool courses (for basic, advanced and administrator levels).
    • Various UML and analytical training like user requirement analysis, modeling of business processes, system architecture design etc.
    • For the full list of courses see http://www.dataprojekt.cz.


    Contact Details:
    Email: info@dataprojekt.com
    Phone: +420602161313
    Business Address: Vondrousova 1189/39, Prague 6, 163 00
    Web: www.dataprojekt.czwww.enterprise-architect.cz
    Country(s) of Operation: Czech Republic, Slovakia

  • DBMode


    DBMode is an Enterprise Architect extension for Database modeling. DBMode enables you to auto-generate MS-Excel documents, view CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) matrix, define and use Domains, etc.

    Integrated into Enterprise Architect
    DBMode is an add-in for Enterprise Architect, so all features are accessible through Enterprise Architect's interface. DBMode can manage existing Table objects and their properties in an Enterprise Architect model. You don't need to migrate existing models.

    Supports Efficient and Intuitive Database Modeling
    DBMode's features support more efficient and intuitive Database Modeling. For example, the Model Check feature reports all errors and inconsistencies in the Database model. You can easily manage common Columns used in many Tables by Domain feature.

    Auto-generate MS-Excel Documents
    From Tables, you can generate stylish MS-Excel documents automatically. You do not need to manage both the Enterprise Architect model and Excel documents. When a model changes, simply regenerate the Excel document to keep it in synch with the model.

    For more information, please visit: http://www.dbmode.com