• Simplifying EA with eaForms

    A new era of EA customisation?

    How eaForms can widen the appeal of Enterprise Architect, making it accessible to a whole new set of users.

    • Creating tailored user interfaces for different user groups,
    • Simplifying data entry and
    • Improving data quality.
  • The next EA User Group event is in Gothenburg, Sweden

    On April 14th, at the Lindholmen centre, Gothenburg, Sweden, a new style of EA User Group event will be taking place.

    The event will include presentations and workshops, to allow delegates to get 'hands-on' with the tools and techniques described.

    Topics include:

    • EA database builder,
    • Becoming an EA model expert,
    • MBSE using SysML and EA
    • Diff and Merge
    • SOA
    • Automated Acceptance testing
    • Enterprise Wide Repositories
    • and much more...

    Buy your tickets now, for only 75€, and for more information, visit www.eausergroup.com

    All talks and workshops will be given in English.