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    Gale-Li has been providing system analysis courses using Enterprise Architect since 2005 to support Gale-Li's business slogan "No More Word".

    Gale-Li combines Enterprise Architect as integral part of System Analysis training, and provides integrated solutions for the software development life-cycle (SLDC) and project management.

    Training services & Courses:

    • System Analysis – A wide variety of System Analysis courses and workshops, adjusted to the different audiences in the organization. The courses combine Enterprise Architect throughout the life-cycle from the requirements definition, analysis, design, testing and implementation. These courses are recognized by the Israel chamber of information analysis.
    • Enterprise Architect Course - An introduction, building work methodologies, how to implement Enterprise Architect in the business and integrate into the organization's SDLC processes.
    • Project Management - Courses in several methodologies (Agile SCRUM, PMBOK)

    Gale-Li is also engaged in the following areas:

    • Identify business needs - Improvement and development of work processes and customized training programs for business needs.
    • Improving organizational processes - Formulation and implementation of methods for project management, software analysis and development.
    • Continuous improvement - Courses, trainings, managers coaching and personal training, implementation of measuring and control tools, On Job Trainings (OJT)

    Contact Details:

    Email: eli@gale-li.com
    Phone: 972-8-9340281, 972-50-7963425
    Fax: 972-8-9340281
    Business Address: GALE LI, P.O. 208, Mazkeret Batya, 76804, ISRAEL