50 EA Tricks

This is a great book for both new and existing EA users. I don't know of any EA user who didn't read this book and have an 'ah ha' moment, when they learned something new and useful about EA.

The book has an easy-to-read, chatty style and delivers really useful EA knowledge quickly and without too much technical complexity.

(Ian Mitchell, October 2013)

See 50 EA Tricks

Written by Thomas "querty" Killian, this is the definitive guide to how EA works inside. Essential of you're going to write your own SQL code to access the EA database, if the EA Automation interface doesn't have the function you need.

See Inside EA (external link)

Scripting EA

"Shortly after having published my first book I could see some demand for publications dealing with Enterprise Architect. So I started writingScripting Enterprise Architect.

I remembered how I had been struggling the first time when developing an add-in for Enterprise Architect. For that reason the book is written in a way to introduce people step by step into the API of Enterprise Architect. It is accompanied by samples which enable the reader to help himself.

Besides an augmented help reference you will find a large number of cross references between GUI and API so you know how to tackle some concrete task."

See Scripting EA