There are quite a few people in the EA world who write blogs, on a variety of topics. Here are a few.

There are a few people in the EA world who are so well-known that they are referred to just by their first name.

First amongst that group is Geert Bellekens, all-time top contributor to the EA Forum, and all-round EA guru.

His blog at is one of the best places for in-depth EA knowledge.You'll learn a lot!

Exploring EA

Adrian Lincoln has been an EA user for many years, and is the author of the eaForms tool (for customising the EA user interface) as well as developing the Excel part of eaDocX.

His blog has some great articles which explore how to write Addins in EA, and are a record - good and bad - of how he found his way around EA. Well worth a subscription.

see ExploringEA

Ian Mitchell, October 2014

Write an EA Add-in in 10 minutes

It's a big step, but if you really, really want EA to do exactly whay you want, then it's quite possible to create an Add-in which uses the extensive EA API.

The best guide is by Geert, the godfather of the EA forum, so you can trust it to be right. See his blog posting on writing your first EA Addin in 10 minutes.

He has also created a page on his website that lists all tutorials about writing an add-in.