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There are lots of resources around which can help to get answers to your Enterprise Architect questions. There are 100,000's of EA users all over the world, doing all kinds of great stuff, so not matter what your EA challenge is, someone will probably be able to help you.

This section lists the EA-related resources which we know about - if you know of more, please let us know, and we'll list it here!

There are a few people in the EA world who are so well-known that they are referred to just by their first name.

First amongst that group is Geert Bellekens, all-time top contributor to the EA Forum, and all-round EA guru.

His blog at is one of the best places for in-depth EA knowledge.You'll learn a lot!

Exploring EA

Adrian Lincoln has been an EA user for many years, and is the author of the eaForms tool (for customising the EA user interface) as well as developing the Excel part of eaDocX.

His blog has some great articles which explore how to write Addins in EA, and are a record - good and bad - of how he found his way around EA. Well worth a subscription.

see ExploringEA

Ian Mitchell, October 2014

Write an EA Add-in in 10 minutes

It's a big step, but if you really, really want EA to do exactly whay you want, then it's quite possible to create an Add-in which uses the extensive EA API.

The best guide is by Geert, the godfather of the EA forum, so you can trust it to be right. See his blog posting on writing your first EA Addin in 10 minutes.

He has also created a page on his website that lists all tutorials about writing an add-in.

50 EA Tricks

This is a great book for both new and existing EA users. I don't know of any EA user who didn't read this book and have an 'ah ha' moment, when they learned something new and useful about EA.

The book has an easy-to-read, chatty style and delivers really useful EA knowledge quickly and without too much technical complexity.

(Ian Mitchell, October 2013)

See 50 EA Tricks

Written by Thomas "querty" Killian, this is the definitive guide to how EA works inside. Essential of you're going to write your own SQL code to access the EA database, if the EA Automation interface doesn't have the function you need.

See Inside EA (external link)

Scripting EA

"Shortly after having published my first book I could see some demand for publications dealing with Enterprise Architect. So I started writingScripting Enterprise Architect.

I remembered how I had been struggling the first time when developing an add-in for Enterprise Architect. For that reason the book is written in a way to introduce people step by step into the API of Enterprise Architect. It is accompanied by samples which enable the reader to help himself.

Besides an augmented help reference you will find a large number of cross references between GUI and API so you know how to tackle some concrete task."

See Scripting EA


European EA User Group

This is a group of EA enthusiasts who work on a voluntary basis to run European events, where EA users get together to swap ideas and experiences.

To view conference proceedings and sign up for future events, visit

EA User Group events in the USA and Canada are organised by Integrate IT.

For more information visit the IntegrateIT website 

EA Community Site

This is the Sparx Systems site where EA users can contribute their own material, and make it available to other EA users. Sparx act as the custodians for all content. 

Link to community site

EA Linked-in groups

There are a number of linkedin groups for EA users:

Member numbers quoted as at July 2014.

Enterprise Architect(Sparx Systems) User group. Main group for LinkedIn users, covering all aspects of EA life. (9,656 Members)
Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) for Business Analysts. Specialist group for Business Analysts. (1,669 members)
EA for PM: Specialist group for Project Managers who are interested in EA (115 Members) 
EA for TOGAF: Specialist group for Business Architect who use TOGAF with EA. (1,634 Members)


EDM Council Financial modelling download

Sparx EA download for Financial Industry modelling

Sparx Systems . COM

This is daddy of all Resources. HQ. Thrush Central. The Bat Cave.

It has an online version of the EA help files which is searchable, as well as white papers and other useful bits.

Go to Sparx Systems .com 

This Site also has the ONLY online forum to which Sparx themselves will contribute. Understandable, as otherwise they would have to monitor 100s of sites all over the place.

Stack Overflow forum

This has some useful stuff, but for the real deal, just use the Sparx main forum -(ONLY one to which Sparx themselves contribute)

More - Stack Overflow for EA

A new era of EA customisation?

How eaForms can widen the appeal of Enterprise Architect, making it accessible to a whole new set of users.

  • Creating tailored user interfaces for different user groups,
  • Simplifying data entry and
  • Improving data quality.

There are quite a few people in the EA world who write blogs, on a variety of topics. Here are a few.