Here at eaWorkplace, we're always happy for you to tell us about new things in the EA world:

  • New EA tools, add-ins or MDGs
  • Your experiences of using those tools
  • New EA courses 
  • Other EA resources
  • Anything else you think you'd like the EA community to know about.

To do this, we allow users who are registered on this site to create articles themselves! We will then check that the article isn't SPAM, and doesn't break our guidelines (see below). Then we'll put the article into the most appropriate place in the site.

Guidelines for new Articles


When you tell us about a new EA related tool, don't forget to include the following, so that your article is as useful as possible to other readers:

  • What kind of tool it is: an EA Add-in, stand alone tool, MDG or other. Remember, only tools which are related to Sparx Enterprise Architect users will be accepted.
  • How do I get hold of the tool? Provide a URL where users can go to find it
  • Who should use the tool? Analysts, designers, architects, testers?
  • Is it free or chargeable?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: what is your interest in the tool? Are you just a user, with no financial interest, or the developer of the tool? Either of these is OK, but it's ony fair that readers of your article know where you're coming from.
  • If you are a user, and only if you have no financial or other interest in it, what is your experience of the tool?

Please say

  • what you were using the tool for,
  • how sucessful you were
  • did you get support for the tool, and if so, how responsive and usefuf was it
  • do you think the toll represents good value for money?
  • Give the tool an overall rating out of 5 where 1 = poor - (don't bother), 5 = Excellent - (highly recommended)
  • See general guidance for some advice on creating good feedback. 


eaWorkplace is a great place to advertise your skills or to find the skills you need, so here are some guidelines for matching customers to suppliers.

If you are offering your skills or are a company offering a service:

  • MAKE IT CLEAR you are selling not buying
  • What skills can you offer? Architecture? Analysis? Design? Testing?
  • Which bits of EA have you used? And don't say 'All', because we all know that nobody has used it all! Which add-ins or other tools have you used?
  • In which industries have you used EA ?
  • What kind of work do you want? e.g. Contract, permanent, long/short term
  • Where can you work? Give as much detail as possible, and be realistic.
  • When are you available?
  • Obviously, include your contact details. (We will try to reduce spam by separating your email address. So if you are, we will display this as: email "ian" at the domain name "wibble" followed by dot "com".)
  • Don't put the names of any other references, or companies for whom you have worked: you can always share that 1:1 with potential employers

We will not accept feedback on individuals. 

If you are looking for someone for a particular role: 

  • MAKE IT CLEAR you are buying not selling
  • What is the position you have to fill or the particular service you need?
  • Is the role permanent or contract? If contract, how long?
  • What particular skills/experience should candidates have (e.g. industry, business area, languages, ? 
  • Where is the work?
  • When will it start?
  • How can potential applicants get in touch with you? (We will try to reduce spam by separating your email address. So if you are, we will display this as: email "ian" at the domain name "wibble" followed by dot "com".)



Here we are looking for two kinds of articles:

  • Articles by the owners of courses, describing the course content, location, duration and cost
  • Articles about people's experiences of courses. Remember our guidelines below on the content of feedback. If you provide negative feedback ,that's OK, but we will give the course provider a right-of-reply before the article is published.



We'd like any other information about EA stuff, such as interest- and user-groups, meetings, books, blogs, exhibitions and conferences which EA users might be interested in.


     What we DON'T want     

  • Articles asking for help. The best place for this is on the EA Forum
  • Articles which try to advertise things in an unhelpful way. By all means explain the virtues of your tool, or your talents, but keep it real.
  • Anonymous contributions of any kind. Unless we are 100% sure that you are who you say you are, your article will not get published


General Guidance

  • eaWorkplace is to help other EA users find useful stuff. It is not the place to create abusive or defamatory comments about tools, people, courses or other users. All articles of this nature will be deleted, as will your user ID.
  • Comments which don't disclose your identity to the satisfaction of the eaWorkplace administrators - such as comments from a temporary or obviously false email address - will also be deleted.
  • Comments which falsely represent or  don't disclose your interest in a tool, course, person, organisation or other resource will also be deleted.

Breaking News

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